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Meet Us

Jessie Mcewen 

Dalin Briggs – Writer
I grew up playing video games, starting with the NES, SNES, N64, GC, and then finally switching out of Nintendo to PlayStation with the PS3. I consider myself a sci-fi fanatic, I love Arther C Clark books, Star Trek, Mass Effect, and about anything else in space. I not only have a passion for playing games, but I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts on them.

Harry Shepherd – Writer

John Noon
John Noon – Writer
Hi I’m John, I’ve been playing games since the original Frogger on the Commodore Vic 20 and am the self-proclaimed “World’s most average gamer”  You’re most likely to find me unplugged in the middle of nowhere, preferably half way up a mountain, or plugged in and online, mostly being shot at!

John Wordsworth
– Writer
As a programmer by day and a gamer by night I’m definitely a full time geek. While I’ll game on anything and everything built around a CPU, my main love will always be with the ever-tweakable and moddable PC. You will often find me online alongside John Noon, watching my kill:death ratio plummet like a stone.

Stephen Tillett – Writer
Hey, I’m Steve, a fan of all things gaming related. I play across all genres but most of my time goes into MMO’s, RPG’s and shooters. Aside from gaming I have a love of martial arts, but I’ve soon discovered that trying to pause mid fight doesn’t really work the same out in the real world!

Nate McLellan – Writer
Most often found playing PS4 and browsing twitter simultaneously. Dark Souls is my jam, Mass Effect my peanut butter, and The Legend of Zelda is my bread.


Brandon Meet Us
Brandon Casey – Writer
Hi my name’s Brandon Casey. Currently a Senior at Becker College studying Video Game Design. Love everything video game related.